SM1029 Fight.
Essential information

Use method (for example) (1) to do a good job in the whole door, surface grinding smooth, clean, and then evenly sprayed plastic special water soluble glue, especially groove, process and the door to spray and uniform, are in place to ensure the integrity of the transfer. (2) the glue surface slightly dry after blister, generally within a five hour plastic effect and taste, should not be placed too long, so as not to affect the sticky glue. According to the requirements of the transfer, the temperature is generally controlled at 160 degrees - 180 degrees, the warm-up time is generally set at about 20 seconds, plastic time is about 45 seconds. (3) transfer, tear off the surface of the transfer printing film and in the door on the other side of the spray glue and then transfer, especially on both sides of the door, glue must uniform and spraying in place, ensure the integrity of the transfer by the side of the door. (4) after the completion of the whole door transfer, if some transfer is not in place or because of the tear film caused by improper transfer film texture loss, in the re spray glue, paste piece of transfer film, with irons, heated towel transfer, then can be torn out. (5) well after the transfer, bottom made of Pu primer, primer to be dry, surface polishing treatment, then PU paint, color repair or direct spray can be.

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