Building decoration design standards for the study salon held in Shanghai
Time: 2016 - 06 - 27
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To "design, value and rebirth" as the theme of architecture decoration design take the fee standard research salon and China Jian Bo will promotion will be held in Shanghai, Hushang Jiezhuang company representatives, elite designers participants, according to the design criteria for the charges were extensive and in-depth discussion. Sharon scene, Hua Qiansheng, the head of the China Construction Expo will be responsible for the construction of a brief release. He pointed out that at present the entire large environmental production capacity is a serious surplus, the economic growth rate continues to decline, the brand will still be required.


Deputy Secretary General of the China Building Decoration Association, Design Committee of the Secretary General Liu pointed out that China building decoration industry has been the lack of perfect charge standard, designers and design institutions communicate with the owners will encounter confusion. The 2014 architectural decoration design fee standards "after various survey shall be promulgated and put into effect, this 2 years get a lot of attention, this meeting is the feedback is more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the fee standards in the application of social information, also for revision of the standard fee do important research and reference basis.


 "Design fees can be set lower standards. At the same time, the industry is badly in need of self-discipline", "standard design can increase the service standard", "design fees standards need to quantify", "design to refine the lighting design, decoration design, standard design this piece should include more detailed content"... From Shanghai decoration company and design agency representatives are widely spoken.


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