All kinds of product packaging
Time: 2013 - 11 - 29
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Single packing: the packing of the goods directly held. Such as: steel drums, plastic barrels, cans. The net weight is not more than 400kg, the volume is not more than 450L Inner packing: the packing of direct and material contact. (combination package) The contents of the device - direct contact with the material of the packaging; the need for external packaging containers. (composite packaging) Composite packaging - an outer package and an integral package consisting of an inner container. Less than 400kg, less than 450L Combined packaging -- one or more inner packing in a packaging (from 400kg). Such as: plastic tank on the wooden box Outer packing: outer protection part of outer package and combination package and its adsorption and lining material Repeated use of packaging - filling the same items of packaging, each time before the use of the performance indicators are to meet Repair and packaging - packaging of replacement parts. Such as: cover, gasket Recycled packaging - packaging in the form of change. Such as: 6HA1 changed to 6HA2 Packaging - packaging for damage relief package Medium sized bulk containers - rigid and flexible removable packaging suitable for mechanical loading and unloading volume at 250L ~ 3000L Tank, tank containers, road tankers, railway tanker. More than 450L


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