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Time: 2016 - 06 - 27
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1 research and development of green packaging materials can be recycled. Packaging waste regulations vary from place to place, but there is a common principle: to encourage less use of raw materials. In the packaging design should be as far as possible the use of the same material can be separated from the coexistence of materials and tend to use a simple structure and easy recycling of materials. In the premise of meeting the packaging function, to minimize the amount of waste generated, thus showing the development trend of lightweight packaging film. 2. To study the plastic stabilization technology, stability of plastics technology development is the key to new antioxidant, ultraviolet stabilizer and free radical trapping agent preparation and application of research and development. The use of plastic containers, pallets or containers, etc., can be used to make high quality plastic products in order to improve the reuse or recycling of plastic containers. 3 degradable plastics can be divided into biodegradable plastic biodegradable plastics, biodegradable plastics, light degradation of plastic and biological / light degradation of plastic and so on. Varieties of domestic R & D has been covering the light degradation, light biodegradation, light aerobic biodegradation, high starch content type biodegradation, high carbonate calcium filled type photo oxidation degradation, biological full degradation; application of degradable plastic products in the packaging, had spread to ordinary packaging film, shrink film, shopping bags, garbage bags, and so on, to improve the quality of the environment play a positive role. Starting from the protection of the ecological balance, to study the complete biodegradable plastics is imminent, especially edible powder or inorganic mineral filler of high quality and low cost of full biodegradable plastics is an important topic in the research of degradable plastics.




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